There has been a considerable evolution of the brands working in the transport franchise sector since the opening of trade and the international market. Indeed, most of the salesmen use franchising to extend their activities in foreign countries. This is a real fact when we look at the number of online shops that accept delivery of products to foreign countries. The sector is also expanding into the transportation of goods, removals and travellers. So if you are interested in franchising your business, find out in this article how to find a franchise network in transport.

How to find your franchisor in transport?

To find a franchise network in transport, you can consult the online directories. You can also find franchisor comparison sites on the Internet, such as, for example. On this site, one can find different franchise networks, from which the franchisee can choose the one that best suits his needs. A merchant can take advantage of this to reduce the cost of delivering his product to the customer. To choose a franchisor, it is also important to consider the type of packages he wants to transport. Defining whether it is merchandise, moving, people, makes it easier to find a specialized network in the field.

What are the different types of transportation franchises?

Depending on the route taken by the franchise, a distinction is made between road, rail, sea and air transport. The type of traffic chosen by the franchise depends on the distance and urgency to send a parcel. But three sectors also make up the transport market, depending on the type of package. They concern the transport of passengers, goods and ancillary services (station, airport, port, etc.). The transport of goods is the sector most valued by the franchise brands, but it is the auxiliary services which make the greatest added value in the field.

On which networks of transport franchises to issue its activity?

Would you like to franchise in the transport sector and become a parcel carrier? There are several brands in the sector. They are characterized according to its field of intervention. For example, Havas Voyages, Selectour Afat specializes in the world of travel. For VTC franchises, we find, for example, Normandie, car Services and Cyclopolitain. For movers or contractors in the trade, they can use the Déménageurs Bretons or Lagache Mobility. As for the transport of goods, InXpresse, France Express, remains available for all information. There are also franchises for car rental depending on the use. We can mention, for example, Air-loc, for tourist purposes.