A personal assessment is essential before committing to a franchise. This assessment is first of all a questioning of motivation and state of mind. It is an introspection aimed essentially at evaluating the seriousness of one's commitment and choice of life. What are the questions for a personal assessment before joining a franchise?

Career and life choices

Becoming a franchisee is both a choice of profession and a choice of life. First of all, the individual gives up a life as an employee and the creation of a business from scratch. Indeed, becoming a franchisee means adopting the brand, product lines and standards of a franchisor. To become a franchisee, the individual may also be required to make a choice of residence in a given geographic area, move and thus change his or her lifestyle altogether. The personal assessment prior to joining a franchise will focus on the acceptance of all these necessary changes in order to succeed in one's professional project and thereby generate significant sales over time.

Evaluation of one's real skills and aptitudes

Becoming a franchisee cannot be improvised. It is not a professional project that is taken for granted and that automatically materializes at the pace of the standards and requirements imposed by the franchisor. For it to work, if only in the choice of the franchise area, the geographical location and the right techniques to attract customers, you need competence and know-how. In his personal assessment, the project leader must then evaluate his real skills: diplomas and training, behavioural aptitudes, charisma, proactivity, strength of proposal, perseverance... These are indeed the first tools he will have to use to succeed in his project of becoming a franchisee and to succeed in this sector of activity.

Preliminary study on the viability of the project

The personal pre-employment check-up still focuses on the prior assessment of the chances that the project will come to life and develop over time. This includes market research and feasibility studies. This is because the motivation of the individual will depend to a large extent on the chances of the project coming to fruition and succeeding. If, after a market study, the entrepreneur finds that the project will have difficulty materializing, he may give up the project and thus want to engage in other projects. This is why market research is essential as part of the self-assessment process before becoming a franchisee.