Discover the opportunities offered by franchising and turn your entrepreneurial aspirations into reality. Enjoy the benefits of proven business models and expert support every step of the way.

A way to take advantage of the benefits of organized trade.

A fundamental step in the creation of a micro-enterprise.

The franchisor can benefit from the strength of an integrated network.

Convincing a decision-maker to invest in an entrepreneurial project.

A parcel service franchise hires couriers to send the mail and files of professionals who request its services in an emergency and in complete safety.
Express delivery is the fastest method of delivery. It guarantees a short delivery time which generally does not exceed 24 hours from the date of order validation. This allows customers to receive their orders in extremely short times.
A carrier stands out with the quality of its network, the reliability of its deliveries and the accuracy of its tracking system. Security, reliability, flexibility and durability are the key words of a quality carrier, all for a safe, on-time and faultless delivery.
This is a growing field thanks to the emergence of new communication channels and the advent of new technologies. A commercial franchise that ensures the movement of commercial goods from a given point of departure to a final destination.

In the case of a franchise, the business plan is a true project management document that includes both thoughtful and plausible projections for the future of the franchise, like the case of

As explained on, there are three types of franchise agreements: production, service and distribution. It seals the professional collaboration of two independent companies.

Study of the general and local state of the market, concerning the products or services offered by the franchisor. A study with tangible figures, as close as possible to reality.

Obtain a bank loan from a borrowing organization or turn to participatory financing to fund its online advertising and marketing campaign.

Companies are exposed to risks. Whether it’s their employees or their assets (buildings, equipment, etc.), that’s why it’s so important to take out insurance.

Tools for customer management, payroll management, accounting software, human resources management software, CRM for customer relationship management, etc…

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